Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Sorry for the absence...  Life is crazy (lots of family drama) but I'm hoping to be around a bit more...

Today I have Thirteen Inspiration Links for fun neighbor gift ideas!

2.  A Snowman Kit from Make it Do:

4.  A darling Snowman Gift Box to put treats in from Blue Cricket Designs:


12.  For those much more talented than me - a Snowman Oven Mitt from The Idea Room:

13.  And lastly - The Greatest Gift from Celebrate the Little Stuff:
For even more gift ideas and lots of other inspiration make sure you visit my Facebook page and my Tumblr Blog!  Lots of fun inspiration added DAILY!


  1. So many wonderful ideas, thankyou .

  2. Happy TT and some great ideas. I forwarded your link to some friends of mine who plan "Santa's Workshops" at the library every year.

  3. Snowman so clever will do that for Florida- a riot..I gave my 7 neighbors a breakfast sandwich coupon to Mc donald;s a nd other 12 a tiny pot of green mint wrapped in red with a red tiny bow gift card reading "Have some mint tea on me"

  4. Such wonderful ideas. Too bad I don't exchange with my neighbors.

  5. Thanks so much for the feature--it is much appreciated!

  6. Cute gift ideas!

    Best Wishes
    Virginia Cavanaugh

  7. How cute! I love those.

    Have a great Thursday!

  8. Thanks for the feature! I really appreciate it. There is some really great stuff here!

  9. The Snowman giftbox is waaay too cute!

    I'm going to try this one



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