Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Chocolate Covered Raspberries

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My FAVORITE candy from the store is Chocolate-covered Raspberries! Delish!

But I have something even better! This is one of the finest things in life as far as I'm concerned...

Chocolate Covered Raspberries!


Hard and chocolate on the outside...
Sweet and juicy on the inside!

You want to make some?

First you will need to wash and dry your raspberries...

Then space them out on a pan so none of them are touching and throw into the freezer for 30 - 60 minutes.

Next, you'll melt your chocolate - I actually have a "Chocolate Warmer" because I LOVE to dip things in chocolate.

Once your raspberries are nice, cold, and firm you just need to cover them with chocolate and set them on foil or wax paper to set up...

Once the chocolate is set up you can throw them together in a bag or dish. You'll want to let the raspberries thaw so they are nice and juicy when you bite into it.


Seriously - such incredible yumminess for such an easy treat!

If you are going to keep them around for a few days, I would definitely store them in the fridge. (I've never kept them around that long - they are usually gone in the next few minutes because I JUST can't RESIST!)
Chocolate Covered Raspberries - it DEFINITELY works for me!!!

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