Monday, April 19, 2010

Thursday Thirteen Inspiration (A few days late!!!)

Okay, I'm DAYS late on this, but I thought I'd share some inspiration I added to my Notebook on Tumblr...  Aren't these women amazing?

#1 - DIY Barbie House from A Girl and a Glue Gun - I LOVE this Barbie house and wish my daughter was more interested in Barbie's so we could make one!  Now I'm hoping my baby girl will have an interest when she gets older, JUST so I can make a barbie house!  lol

#2 - Silk Tie Dye Eggs from A Little Tipsy- I bookmarked this LAST year and think it is awesome!  It's a little late for this Easter but put it in your files for next year!  These eggs are incredible!

#3 - Mac and Cheese at The Pioneer Woman Cooks -
This Mac-n-cheese looks AWESOME!

#4 - Flower Pot Magnet Board by JK Made - How cute is the magnet board and flower magnets? 

#5 - Crafty Storage by Controlling My Chaos - I LOVE this because I have lots of cards and puzzles that REALLY need new boxes or containers!

#6 - Memory Makeover at Infarrantly Creative- Another great game container redo!

#7 - Easiest Cinnamon Rolls Ever at That's {FAM}tastic! -
These cinnamon rolls look DELISH!  Can't wait to try them!


#8 - Family Game Night Board at How Does She? - I LOVE this board and I can't wait to make it into a FHE board!

#9 - Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops at Bakerella - I LOVE Mickey & Minnie House and I LOVE cake pops!

#10 - Family Photo Coloring Pages at A Little Tipsy - What a GREAT idea to make coloring pages for the grandparents!  LOVE it!

#11 - Towel Rack at Poppies at Play - I've been looking for a towel rack idea for the kids bathroom and this is definitely a winner!  Now to find me a cute cabinet door!!!

#12 - Big Dice at Lemon Tree Creations - One day I will have my dream house which will have a fun game room in it and this will make an awesome decor piece for that room!  LOVE it!

#13 - Sock Exchange at Lemon Tree Creations - Another fabulous decor project!  I've been thinking of doing something like this with my mismatched socks for my laundry room, but this is SO much cuter than what I've come up with! 

And for LOTS more inspiring ideas, feel free to visit my Notebook on Tumblr  or my bookmarks on Delicious!


  1. Hey Cherie! Thanks for linking to my towel rack! You have some really fun ideas! I loved that big dice from Lemon Tree Creations!

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey, I made it on the list twice, don't I feel cool!! Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Thank you for the link love! You have some cool links. I'm loving the laundry sock exchange.

  4. Hey, Thanks for linking to my cinnamon rolls! Sorry I'm like a month late at saying that! Have you tried them yet? Mmmmm... I hope you liked them!


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