Sunday, March 7, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Fast-n-Easy Shoe Polish

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I am the WORST at taking care of my shoes! I must drag my feet or something when I walk because my boots and dress shoes are ALWAYS needing to be polished! The toes are always worn out and scuffed...

I remember watching my dad polish his shoes all the time growing up and there has been MANY times that I have thought to myself that I need to have him show me what to do, but to be honest... I have NO idea how to polish shoes and don't have any shoe polish - even if I did know how!

Well, I have some black boots that I LOVE but haven't worn for awhile because the toes are SO bad it's embarassing! So this week I decided I'd try to take a black sharpie marker to them...

I LOVED the results! Why didn't I do this MONTHS ago?!?


Yeah, if you look real, REAL close you can tell that it isn't the same color - but who's going to be getting down on the ground looking at my boots?

Now to find a brown marker that will work on my brown boots...


  1. I'm pretty sure I own these exact same shoes, and I have the same problem. I'm definitely going to try this!


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